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Nepal Earthquake Appeal

On Wednesday 6 May, St Dunstan's School will be holding a Mufti Day to raise funds
for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.  Please bring in a £1 donation to dress in mufti.  
There will also be cake sales on Wednesday and raffle tickets will be on sale from
Tuesday 5 May.


I'm a Celebrity teacher 

get me out of here!

Students have raised over £205 for their House Charities by holding a Bush Tucker Trial theme. Four teachers (one from each House) volunteered to take part in the event which was organised by the Heads and Deputy Heads of the House.  Trials included: placing hands, whilst blindfolded, in a variety of gunge to collect stars, eating a selection of food (chicken giblets, a fish concoction smoothie, fiery chillies, plus other ghastly food).  On the final round staff had to answer questions in relation to their oppositions teaching subject.  Even if they answered it correctly, each had some unpleasant gunge tipped over their heads, much to the amusement of the students!