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‘Buzzing Atmosphere’ at Sports Awards Evening

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On the evening of the 5th July, St Dunstan’s school held its annual sports awards. The atmosphere in the sports hall was positively buzzing with excitement as students, teachers and parents alike discussed what the evening may bring. The school was very lucky to host a raffle competition in which the prize to be won was tickets to the Olympic football; 25 tickets were up for grabs overall. The main awards of the night began with Sports Personality Of The Year. The winners of the award were:

-     Year 7: Ella Bremner

-     Year 8: Sam Beal

-     Year 9: Abbie Hopkins

-     Year 10: Chris Punter

-     Year 11: Zoe Toefield

The Coach Of The Year award went to Kelsey Taylor and Young Leader Of The Year was awarded to Beth Corfield.

The paralympian, Kate Grey was there as a guest of the event. She said: “It has been a wonderful event with lots of enthusiasm. It is great that they’re getting rewarded for their sport achievements. Thanks for having me here.”

Theo Wilson, winner of a few Olympics tickets said: “I’m very impressed with the organisation of this event. I enjoyed it all and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Olympics! Well done to everyone and thanks a lot!”
-Joshua Barber (Year 10)

View the sports award winners!